Domain Authority and 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Score

Domain Authority and 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Score

To start off let’s begin with “what Domain Authority actually is?” Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz to estimate a website’s ranking potential on search engine result pages (SERPs). While there isn’t a specific number that qualifies as a “good” Domain Authority score, there are some things you can do to boost your score and improve your search ranking. Here are five tips to increase your Domain Authority:

Domain Authority

1. Implement SEO best practices: It’s important to implement SEO best practices to enhance your rankings and Domain Authority. Optimize your on-page content by improving title tags, image alt tags, using relevant keywords and meta descriptions. Following SEO guidelines will gradually strengthen your domain score.


2. Ensure mobile-friendliness: Taking into account the ever-growing large number of users accessing websites through mobile devices, it is especially important to have a mobile-friendly website. Make sure that your website is adaptive, responsive and seamless across different devices. Incorporate mobile elements such as hamburger menus and easily accessible CTAs. In addition, focus on improving the website’s page load time to provide a smoother user experience.

3. Prioritize linkable content: Focus on crafting high-quality content that provides value and is share-worthy. Choose industry-relevant keywords and publish content consistently. High-quality content will attract authoritative sites to link back to your pages, thus improving your domain score.

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4. Enhance internal linking: While external links are significant, don’t overlook the importance of internal linking for improving your Domain Authority. Internal linking helps keep users engaged on your site for longer periods, positively impacting your SEO ranking and domain score.

5. Remove low-quality link profiles: Check your backlink profile and identify any links from low-quality or spam-riddled sources. Utilize backlink checker tools to find websites linking to your content and kindly ask them to remove those links. Similarly, review the links on your own website and eliminate any broken or detrimental links that might negatively affect your domain score.

In conclusion it is important to understand that improving Domain Authority takes committed effort as well as time. It’s important to focus on these strategies gradually to enhance your score. By following these tips, you can increase your Domain Authority and improve your chances of ranking higher in search results. To learn more on how you can improve your domain authority and capitalize on having a greater online presence contact us at SocialSell.

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