ROAS and How to Maximize Facebook AD Returns

ROAS and How to Maximize Facebook AD Returns

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Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a crucial metric in Facebook advertising and one that any potential business advertising on Facebook needs to keep in mind when starting out. One benefit of ROAS is how it helps determine the profitability of your campaigns. Distinguishing it from Return on Investment (ROI), ROAS specifically measures revenue generated from ad spending. Calculating ROAS involves dividing total revenue by the cost of ads.

A good ROAS varies by industry, generally aiming for at least twice the ad spend. E-commerce businesses can set a target ROAS using the formula:

Target ROAS = Average Order Value / Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

For non-direct revenue industries, ROAS calculations factor in lead values and conversion rates. Ultimately, the specific industry, revenue, margins, and operating costs influence what constitutes a good ROAS.

To enhance ROAS and Facebook ad returns consider these:

  1. Set achievable goals and realistic expectations.
  2. Design effective ads that resonate with your target audience.
  3. Continuously monitor and analyze campaign results to optimize for success.
  4. Test different ad strategies to identify what works best.
  5. Consider increasing your budget for profitable campaigns.
  6. Utilize Custom Audiences to target interested prospects.
  7. Maintain a clear understanding of ROI and ROAS and their differences.


ROAS matters in Facebook ads as it reveals the effectiveness of ad spending and provides insights into campaign performance. Unlike ROI, which considers all expenses, ROAS focuses solely on ad expenditures.

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In summary, while ROAS and ROI have distinct meanings, they are both essential in evaluating advertising effectiveness and overall profitability. Employ ROAS as a metric to gauge ad campaign success, use ROI to assess business profitability, and continuously strive to enhance both metrics for optimal results.

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