Adidas Newspaper Adverts


SocialSell was the official media partner of Adidas Pakistan during Football World Cup 2014. Not only being a digital media partner, SocialSell was also handling all their social media platforms throughout Pakistan. This case study will be focusing more on this particular event rather than the other campaigns.

Client: Adidas
Project type: Digital Marketing

200 %

Footfall Increase in Stores


45 %

Increase in Outlet Sales



People were hesitant in coming to the outlets as they have already perceived that Adidas being an expensive brand will always be having higher prices than the similar products in the market. So the biggest challenge was to bring in the customers at the outlet and let them have the experience of this world.


Adidas being the official manufacturer of Brazuca (the football used during the complete event of 2014 Football World Cup) announced that it will be providing 2 free air tickets along with visa, accomodation entry to final matches will be provided to their customers.

Yes, they did mention this and the result was just exceptional. We came up with this idea to serve our customers in the best possible way and entertain them accordingly. As it was the season, the Football 2014 World Cup, the hype was increasing, the crazy was at it's peak, the following was increasing. Every football enthusiast was excited and loving this season and there we came up with this idea to embed us and make our customers remind that Adidas is the store where all your desires will be met. From Brazuca to jerseys to shoes, we have it all. That was the moment when we started to capture the attention of our customers.



As a result, we achieved what we wanted. People instead of buying online, started to visit us where our staff was already set to deal them and provide them with exceptional and heart warming welcome and brief regarding our promotion. And not only the promotion, persuaded them to make a purchase of anything related to 2014 Football World Cup. The main aim was to bring in the customers at our outlet and let them know about the online platforms of Adidas where they can order the authentic stuff. As there is a trust issue in Pakistan, so this was the main aim to bring our customers even more close to us and tell them the most authentic and original source to make online purchases and the success rate was 80% through this campaign. Our main message was conveyed to 80% of our customers that too because some were already out of town, few went for the matches, but overall the campaign was a success and Adidas Pakistan was very much satisfied while working with us as we don't treat our clients as customers only, we build a relationship and work as a team together.